Line Etchings
Architecture is one of the strongest symbols we have that allow us to instantly recognize when and where we are in the world. The buildings in a big city are as diverse as the people who live there. They vary in size, color, material, detail, and age. Built over centuries by different people, buildings tell the story of our history. They have experienced the best and worst of humanity, seeing everything but revealing nothing. They are secret keepers, quiet and respectful of those who constructed them and those who worked and lived in them. They are strong protectors and provide shelter for those who need it. They oversee the progress of civilization, losing touch with nature as the population booms and more buildings are needed. And although their forms and details can be beautiful, they are not braggadocious, they stand proud and down to earth.
While their exteriors present us with strength and beauty, the contents and inhabitants of their interiors are often unexpected. Some businesses that occupy these buildings suit them perfectly like a butcher and shoe shop with their ground-floor large windows displaying their goods, while other businesses, like a dentist, go hidden within tall unassuming buildings down narrow hallways and behind frosted-windowed doors. As buildings and occupants come together, cities are born, gathering populations together onto one big stage. In a city, one can be incognito while being in plain sight, observing a dance of chaos where everyone’s roles intermingle perfectly. The fast pace of the city’s occupants intermingled with the slow meander of tourists against the backdrop of concrete and brick begin to balance each other, creating a calming and serene effect.

Watercolors and Drawings

After creating etchings for over 20 years, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at color and a move to Germany gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. Finding inspiration was especially easy when I happened upon the works of Raoul Dufy.  His loose hand made me want to be able to take a break from the tight lines in my etchings and explore. The result is a burst of color combined with drawing.  As much as I try to stay loose, the detailed work I’m known for with my etchings creeps into my watercolors.

DeAnn L. Prosia