Line Etchings

I am fascinated by the designs of buildings and structures.  I like how they look by themselves and also how they work together in a setting.  When people view my work they feel a connection to the location first and then see the etching. Since I want people to see more of what I’m seeing I have started focusing in on the subject or picking non-identifiable locations. The details of the structure, the etching technique or how the buildings fit together that then become the subject instead of the location. I enjoy when people can revisit my etchings and see something different each time. 

Working only with lines, I try to create the feeling and textures of other methods, such as aquatint.  Using a sewing needle and working on copper I get the desired fine lines and details I like. 

Watercolors and Drawings

I love to draw.  When I was little I thought you HAD to know how to draw to become an artist.  After creating etchings for over 20 years, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at color and a move to Germany gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. Finding inspiration was easy especially when I happened upon the works of Raoul Dufy.  His loose hand made me want to be able to take a break from the tight lines in my etchings and explore. The result is a burst of color with a more abstract style.

DeAnn L. Prosia